Narrow Fabric Coatings

Wayne Mills can coat hot melt adhesive on narrow fabrics up to 6" in width with coatings up to 30 mil thick.  Full width and zone coating is available. Finished product can be put up on rolls or spools.


Hi Temp Polyester - A high performance polyester adhesive which has outstanding high and low temperature resistance.  It also has excellent resistance to laundering and dry cleaning and is UV stable.  Uses include label adhesion and textile bonding.

Lo Temp Polyester- A UV stable adhesive that has a low fusion temperature and a fast set time.  Adheres to vinyl, foam, and textiles.  Excellent for textile bonding and drapery and window treatment.

Polyolefin Base - A general purpose adhesive that is clear, colorless, and flexible.  It has the capability of adhering to and bonding to almost any combination of materials.

Many other hot melt adhesives are available for custom coating.

Pressure sensitive stripes of adhesive can be applied over standard hot melt adhesives to hold material temporarily in place until heat bonded.

Pressure sensitive adhesive can be applied directly to the back of our fabrics in 2mil to 10 mil thickness.